Garden Snail Survey

The Garden Snail Cornu aspersum (formerly Helix aspersa) is the commonest mollusc in the UK and an important food source for many animals. Yet surprisingly their local distribution is recorded. We want to learn more about where they are found in our region. They are active at night and rest during the day sealing themselves in their shell. Garden Snails will eat rotting plant debris, lichen, fungi and algae. The do not need to mate with other snails to lay eggs as they have both male and female reproductive parts.

Identification: Brownish grey body protected by a large sphere-shaped shell with 4-5 spirals. A large snail, with shell 2.5-4cm in diameter, rough texture, pale brown in colour with extensive dark brown mottling. Shells have a large opening with white edges. Commonly found in parks and gardens. Not to be confused with banded snails.

To find out more about snails and other molluscs visit the Conchological Society website,

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Garden Snail Cornu aspersum distribution

SWSEIC records as of Feb 2019.

Have you seen a Garden Snail in your garden or in the park? Please take part in our survey and put your records on the map…

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