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The Moths at Home project was led by the SW Scotland Branch of the charity Butterfly Conservation, working with SWSEIC and a whole range of partners and people to demonstrate the beauty and diversity of moths that live in their own gardens across the Galloway Glens area. The project also sought to explain the ecological importance of moths, how gardens can be managed for their benefit, and how recording moths can benefit their conservation, whilst being fun to do.

Moth wordcloudThe average garden in Galloway may support 200 or more different species of moth, many large and colourful, but the average garden owner is often totally oblivious to their presence. The project involved running community moth recording events across the Galloway Glens region between May and September 2019. At each event, participants were provided with a moth trap and training on how to set it up. Each took it away and set it up in their own garden or community greenspace site. The next morning, participants returned with their traps to a central point where the catch was identified by local volunteer experts and thee moths released unharmed.

The Moths at Home project was supported by a grant of £3,500 through the Galloway Glens ‘Our Heritage’ Small Grant Scheme.


Six moth-trapping sessions were held with local communities between May and September 2019.  35 traps were set in 19 different 1km squares in the Glenkens.

A total of 1912 moths were caught and identified, covering 204 different species. The results for each of the community moth trapping sessions can be viewed using the interactive map and charts below and can be downloaded as pdf files from the links at the bottom. The final project report can be downloaded here.

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