Equipment loan

The following equipment is available to borrow from SWSEIC. There is no charge and we will not hold you responsible for accidental breakage so long as the equipment is used in accordance with instructions. We will however ask you to sign for the equipment and request that you supply your own batteries where required (see below) and that you collect and return equipment to the SWSEIC office at Kirkgunzeon.

SWSEIC staff will be available via email to assist with identification queries and it is a condition of all equipment loans that all wildlife records are made available to SWSEIC.

If you would like to borrow any of the equipment listed below, please email to discuss your requirements. Please read and sign this simple loan agreement to borrow equipment.

Trail Cameras

Browning Recon Force Elite HP4 Trail Camera

BTC-7A Browning Recon Force Advantage Trail Camera

Trail cameras (both models are very similar) offer a great solution to filming or photographing wildlife that would otherwise be difficult to record. With weatherproof casing and long battery life, cameras can be set and left at a single location for several weeks, or moved around a range of sites. The cameras are triggered by motion sensors, can record still images or videos, and have infra-red lights for night time filming. Supplied with a strap for mounting. A cable lock can also be supplied to help protect the camera from theft and vandalism. Please note that the camera requires 8 AA non-rechargeable batteries, which are NOT Supplied.

Bat Detector

Elekon Batlogger A Bat Full Spectrum Passive Bat Detector

Records ultrasound bat calls over a range of 10-150 kHz onto an internal microSD card using a high quality microphone. It is small, inconspicuous and weatherproof and suitable for deploying in the field and left unattended for up to 3 days. Files are best analysed by SWSEIC, which may take 2-3 weeks. Alternatively files can be analysed using the free BatExplorer software for Windows. Note that recordings of some similar species are not easily distinguished. Supplied with one full set of 8 AA rechargeable batteries (ready-charged). Due to short battery life and high demand for this equipment, loan periods will usually be no longer than one week (April to October only).

Moth Traps

Compact 20W (240V) Skinner Moth Trap

Made from lightweight, durable polypropylene and very portable but requires mains electricity (standard UK plug), so best suited to garden trapping. The light source is a 20W actinic bulb. Supplied with a field guide and collecting pots.

15W (12V) Skinner Moth Trap

An older version of the Compact Skinner Trap made from plywood, with a 15W actinic bulb powered from a portable 12V sealed battery, which makes it suitable to use at sites away from mains power, but not suitable for carrying long distances. Supplied with a field guide and collecting pots.

2x30W (240V) Skinner Moth Trap

A mains version of the plywood Skinner trap described above withe 2x 30W actinic bulbs. Requires mains electricity (standard UK plug), so best suited to garden trapping. Supplied with a field guide and collecting pots.

Bucket Moth Trap

Based on a lightweight plastic bucket, with an actinic light and solar switch (triggered to automatically switch on at dusk) and powered by a lightweight sealed lithium battery. This means that this trap can be carried to remoter locations than the others, but is equally suitable for garden trapping, but the power supply will usually only last one night. Supplied with a mains battery charger, a field guide and collecting pots.

Other wildlife recording equipment

The Centre also has other wildlife recording equipment, such as hand nets, pond dipping nets, sweep net, beating tray, hand lenses etc. and a good selection of identification guides. These may be available for short term loan on request. Please contact us for further information.

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