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Data Enquiries

SWSEIC offers a comprehensive data enquiry service to enable users to access information held by the Centre. Although the requirements of users may be varied and diverse, most can be met through the standard reports prepared by the Centre staff. We will also be pleased to discuss your specific requirements if information is not available in the standard reports.

Data enquiry reports

Standard species search

A list of records for any of the following categories can be provided for a given search area. The results are provided as an Excel file, accompanied by a pdf report summarising the work undertaken, the search findings and location maps of the records found.

UK Legally Protected Species

All legally protected species (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Protection of Badgers Act 1992, Conservation Regulations 1994).

European Designated Species

All species listed on European directives (Berne Convention, Bonn Convention, Birds Directive, Habitats and Species Directive, CITES).

Biodiversity List Species

Species listed on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, the Scottish Biodiversity List and the Ayrshire & Dumfries and Galloway Local Biodiversity Action Plans.

Rare/Scarce/Notable Species

Species recognised as Nationally Rare or Nationally Scarce based on assessments of their distributions.

Species of Conservation Concern

Species listed on national or global Red Data Books and Lists or on other status assessments (e.g. Birds of Conservation Concern).

Invasive Species

Species listed as invasive non-native species. Invasive non-native species are broadly defined as species whose introduction and/or spread threaten biological diversity. See the GB Non-native Species Secretariat website for further details.

Full species search

As above, but includes all species records including common species which have no designations or conservation status.

Taxa specific searches

Our standard bat search includes all records of bats and roosts within 5km of a site.  Records of more mobile species (e.g. Nyctalus sp.) within 10km of a site can be provided on request for no additional fee .

Information can also be supplied on a specific species or taxonomic group.


SWSEIC holds various types of habitat data for the region. These include habitat data from the region-wide surveys (e.g. carried out in Dumfries & Galloway in 1998 and in parts of Ayrshire), the Ancient Woodland Inventory and Raised Bog Inventory. In addition the Centre also holds more detailed habitat information on some areas, including NVC and Phase I habitat survey information.


SWSEIC can provide information on both statutory and non-statutory sites within a study area. The Centre holds copies of the boundaries and citations for SSSIs, SPAs, SACs and other local, national and international sites. The Centre also holds the database of Local Wildlife Sites for the region.

Submitting an enquiry

All enquirers are asked to complete a data enquiry form. This enables us to manage our enquiries more efficiently and where necessary provide details of costs to commercial clients. Enquirers should indicate clearly their search site and any buffer area on the form; maps or GIS files may be uploaded to accompany the request. Costs will be agreed with all clients before undertaking any search.

Charging policy

SWSEIC levies a charge for all commercial data enquiries. The fee covers the time spent processing data requests and a contribution to the time spent collating and managing the data. Charging bands are based on the information requested and the area of search; more detailed information and larger areas will have a higher cost. A minimum charge of £50 applies to all commercial requests. In the event that the enquiry results in no information, a charge of £50 will be made and a written statement confirming the results will be provided. A copy of our current charging schedule is available here. Our Terms and Conditions of Data Release are available here.

Enquiries from non-commercial use (e.g. for personal interest, for education or for research use) are generally free of charge. Enquiries on behalf of local or national recording groups, schemes and societies are also free of charge. For non-commercial requests, SWSEIC reserves the right to levy a fee for larger requests (where the amount of work required exceeds 2 hours); any charges will be agreed with the client before undertaking any work.

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