Putting Ayrshire’s Wildlife on the map.

The Where’s Wildlife in Ayrshire? project encourages people throughout the region to get involved in wildlife recording – collecting information about where different plants and animals live. It will work with local wildlife enthusiasts of all abilities – beginners and experts – and help to create a focal point for local environmental data.

Postcard surveys - six Ayrshire species to look out for and record

Ayrshire amphibian survey

Have you seen frogs, toads or newts in Ayrshire? Do you have them in your garden? Help us to improve our understanding of where they are found in the region by reporting your sightings for our amphibian survey…

Ayrshire Reptile Survey

Have you seen Adders, Slow worms or Lizards in Ayrshire? We need your help to find where these creatures live in Ayrshire and to see how they are faring in our local area.

General Wildlife Records

Perhaps amphibians and reptiles are not your area of interest, perhaps you are a keen moth or fungi recorder, or you simply like to collect records of all wildlife while out and about. The Where’s Wildlife in Ayrshire? project welcomes wildlife records from any species groups, from bees and beetles to lichens and lapwings. If you are unsure of a species which you saw, we might be able to help! Experts on hand through the Where’s Wildlife in Ayrshire? project are here to help and can verify your record.

Expand your knowledge and learn new skills

Want to get involved in wildlife recording but not to sure where to start? Why not come along to one of our species training days over the summer 2017. These training days will teach you the basic ecology of the species and the characteristics used to identify it when in the field. An outdoor session lead by the species expert allows us to identify the species in its natural habitat and collect some new records for Ayrshire.

Why not book and come along to one of our upcoming training days. Tea, cake and great wildlife chat are always guaranteed!

Final report

The Where’s Wildlife in Ayrshire? project came to a close in December 2018. The final report can be downloaded from the link below

Our project partners and funders

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