Farmland is a mosaic of habitats found on upland and lowland areas, and may include other habitats, such as unimproved grassland and wood pasture. It is important for a range of species, including birds, mammals, invertebrates and plants, many of them relying on the continuation of farming practices to provide suitable feeding and breeding areas.

Most of Ayrshire has been shaped by agriculture in one way or another over time, meaning that much of Ayrshire’s biodiversity is dependent upon farming. Farmland forms a significant portion of the land use in Ayrshire and is a habitat highlighted in the LBAP for its importance in the conservation of farmland birds. 35% of land use in Ayrshire is dedicated to farming, with most of it being improved grassland used for dairy cattle. Ayrshire is the second most important dairy farming area in Scotland, after Dumfries and Galloway, with 77,000 cattle.

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