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National Forum for Biological Recording

The National Forum for Biological Recording conference will be held at the World Museum in Liverpool on the 30th April – 2nd May 2020. Information is available here.

National Insect Week

National Insect Week encourages people of all ages to learn more about insects. Every two years, the Royal Entomological Society organises the week, supported by a large number of partner organisations with interests in the science, natural history and conservation

National Moth Night 2017

Moth Night 2017 will be held between 12 – 14 October 2017 with the main theme of Ivy. Further details will be available from  the National Moth Site website.

National Whale and Dolphin Watch

Organised by Seawatch Foundation. Members of the public are invited to take part in dolphin, whale and porpoise surveys around the UK as part of the 16th National Whale and Dolphin Watch. The data collected during the event will help

NBN Conference 2017

This years National Biodiversity Network (NBN) conference will take place in Cardiff. The theme is ‘Data – what is it good for?’, and as always will include an interesting programme of talks and workshops. It’s a great opportunity to meet

NBN Conference 2018: The NBN in a changing climate

The theme of this year’s NBN Conference is “The NBN in a changing climate”.  Over the course of the two days we will be covering topics such as data from citizen science, data for delivering environmental planning, tools for online

NBN Conference 2019

The 2019 NBN Conference will be held on Wednesday 13th November – Thursday 14th November at the Albert Hall, Nottingham. The theme of this year’s NBN Conference is “Network, Knowledge and Narrative – sharing and using data across the NBN and beyond”.

NFBR conference – Think Globally, Record Locally

The National Forum for Biological Recording (NFBR) is a UK organisation for practitioners engaged with biological recording across the UK. Their annual conference will be on the theme of ‘Think globally, record locally’ and will be held in partnership with

Smarter wildlife recording

It hasn’t taken long for wildlife recording to embrace the power of the smartphone technology at our finger tips. Visit the android or apple app stores and you will find hundreds of wildlife related apps; this article will help you

Spittlebug Survey 2020

Did you know that the ‘cuckoo-spit’ that you see in spring is produced by the immature stage (nymph) of a spittlebug or froghopper? Once the nymphs emerge as adults, usually in late June, they leave their spittle ‘nest’ behind and

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