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Caerlaverock WWT Bioblitz

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Caerlaverock Nationa Nature Reserve (NNR), the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust are holding a Bioblitz at WWT Caerlaverock, in partnership with Scottish Natural Heritage. The aim will be to  find and identify as many different

Moth ID and recording day at Knowetop Lochs

SWSEIC are teaming up with the local SWT Galloway Group to run a wildlife recording day at the wonderful Knowetop Lochs SWT reserve near Balmaclellan. The reserve has an excellent range of heathland, woodland and wetland habitats and should provide

Pot-beetle Survey

This survey day is being organised by Buglife to assess the status and remaining habitat for the rare Six-spotted Pot Beetle Cryptocephalus sexpunctatus. It has only ever been recorded at Kirkconnell Flow in Scotland. Pot beetles are a fascinating and charismatic

Spittlebug Survey 2020

Did you know that the ‘cuckoo-spit’ that you see in spring is produced by the immature stage (nymph) of a spittlebug or froghopper? Once the nymphs emerge as adults, usually in late June, they leave their spittle ‘nest’ behind and

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